April 2020 Vacation Programs will run the 21st-24th

Minuteman Community Education offers multiple courses throughout the week of April vacation for grades 1-8.


Bring your creative abilities as we make all sorts of masterpieces! Use crayons, fabric, thread, paper, glue, stamps and more to create unique works of art!

8:30-11:30am | Grades 1-5 | $205

12:00-3:00pm | Grades 1-5 | $205

Put on an apron and pull up your sleeves! You’ll be cooking in a professional kitchen and making lots of goodies. Of course, you’ll get to sample your cooking and bring some home for your family!​ (course price includes $45 materials fee)

8:30-11:30am | Grades 6-8 | $244

12:00-3:00pm | Grades 4&5 | $244

In this hands-on baking class we will do a little bit of everything, from proper recipe reading and measuring cup use to decorating a cake with basic designs. Go home with mouth watering bakery treats such as cinnamon rolls, brownies, cookies, muffins, cakes, quick breads and much more!​ (course fee includes $45 materials fee)

8:30-11:30am | Grades 4&5 | $244

12:00-3:00pm | Grades 6-8 | $244

As an art, photography is a marvelous tool of creative, self-expression. As a science it is a wonderful technical tool, teaching lessons in, light, math, and computer skills. You will be learning to creatively control manual settings such as white balance, aperture, shutter, ISO, among others settings, camera angle, and other compositional aspects of photography will be key aspects of this class. Learn to use Adobe Photoshop to enhance photos before printing. 

8:30-11:30am | Grades 6-8 | $199

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Students learn economics, civics, geometry, history and technology as they work together to create a city within a virtual Minecraft world. Minecraft is a limitless platform for students to learn academic skills in a highly engaging virtual environment. In this problem-solving class, students design their own house and business as they learn about budgeting, profit and loss and supply and demand. As they serve on a city council, they study how laws are made and work together to create and vote on a city constitution of laws. Students use mathematics and geometry to construct a working urban environment. STEM skills have never been so fun!

12:00-3:00pm | Grades 2-5 | $199

Put away those old fold-up maps and aging school atlases, Google Earth is here! Technology has revolutionized how students learn about geography and world cultures. In The World According to Google Earth, students use virtual maps, library books and online encyclopedias to find answers to six key questions about a country of their choosing.  The students create presentations to inform the class about their chosen nation.  Meanwhile, students learn to use Google Earth to create their own maps — adding placemarks, measuring distances and adding photographs. In the final part of the class, students create a model “World's Fair” with each pair of students designing a national pavilion for their country out of Legos.  Geography class will never be the same!

8:30-11:30pm | Grades 2-5 | $199

Learn how to create visual communication by using industry standard software such as Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. Students will develop the confidence and ability to create successful page architecture. Additionally, students will learn how to re-touch and manipulate digital photos while thinking about visual hierarchy, color, and the relationship between text and image. Students will use Mac computers to and will design creative pieces of art!

12:00-3:00pm | Grades 6-8 | $199

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April Refund Policy: A $10 processing fee will be charged for all refunds. Full refunds, minus the $10 processing fee, will be issued when a student withdraws from a course no later than the Monday April 20, 2020. A 75% refund, minus the $10 processing fee, will be issued to students withdrawing later than Monday April 20, 2020 and prior to the second class. No refunds will be issued after the second class.


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